MTI are professional installers of voice and data cables for any scale project. We install data cables of several varieties for different uses on many different systems. Our scale of services cater to anything from single network point extensions for computers and broadband routers to switches in the home and full data cabinets. We cater for all IP (internet protocol) equipment to include computer networks and telephone voice systems

We will always try to offer a future proof solution whilst taking into account how you may wish to later organise your equipment. The low cost and high data bandwidth capability of these cable installations means we can distribute large amounts of date over structured cabling with long cable runs.

MTI also have many wireless communication solutions that can even utilise your existing power sockets to distribute hard wired internet without installing cables! These are the latest reliable technology that saves disrupting décor and minimises disruption! They are perfect for home network extensions and telephone points where cables are no option. Wi-Fi wireless internet connections and range extenders or boosters are also catered for by our Leeds data cable network installers.

MTI wants you to receive a fair and honest electrical service you can rely on . MTI works to your satisfaction and requests feedback to help maintain the best possible service.

Why not give MTI a call today about our our data cable services.  We look forward to hearing from you.