To maintain electrical safety, the law states that you must choose Part P Electricians to carry out electrical services in your home or domestic property. Individuals, electricians and any electrical contractors wishing to work on or install electrical installations in any house or other domestic dwelling must be Part P registered.


MTI is proud to be a scheme member of Elecsa Part P registered electricians servicing Leeds and the surrounding areas. We are domestic electricians allowed in compliance with the law to undertake electrical tasks in any domestic dwelling under statutory control. Our Part P registered electricians have undergone strict examinations in order to prove their competency to ensure they comply with national safety standards and codes of practice.


Part P of the Building Regulations is an electrical safety law introduced by the Government on 1st January 2005 in England and Wales. It is intended to protect homeowners and reduce the risk of electric shock and prevent the number of accidents as a result of faulty electrical installations. Aiming to improve electrical safety in the home for the future, Part P competent schemes for electricians and electrical contractors will guarantee that the home owner or person ordering the works, will receive statutory documentation to verify that any electrical works meet the relevant standards and laws for an electricians work. This will be in the form of an electrical safety certificate and a Compliance Certificate to confirm that MTI meets the requirements of the Building Regulations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Should you decide to involve yourself with electrical work, you will be liable for inspection and testing to prove that it is safe for use. You would have to notify the local building control office before engaging in any work and pay the appropriate fee for them to attend the site and inspect your work at all stages. This will usually prove much more expensive, especially for any smaller jobs and should it not comply, the building control can insist you remove it all with immediate effect. It is a criminal offense to carry out electrical works that do not comply with the building regulations and carries a possible fine up to £5,000. Carrying out the work yourself or by employing electricians that are not Part P domestic installers means you will receive no valid certification or have evidence to show that the works have been safely carried out by a Part P company and it will be difficult to confirm them as safe. Selling the property will become an issue should you fail to hold evidential records for electrical installations that have been carried out and are disputed to be in accordance with the Building Regulations. Should this come about, any local building control in concern can insist that you remove said electrical works and have them done again by a competent Part P registered scheme holder electricians.

We at MTI are Part P registered domestic electricians and installers working in Leeds and the surrounding areas.  Our electricians are available for any scale of electrical needs. We are able to self-certify all of our electricians work with the relevant building control, meaning no hassle to you.


Please contact us to discuss your domestic electrician needs and we look forward to hearing from you.